Thursday, May 15, 2014

Swallows Arrive just a few hours early 5/14/14

My unofficial benchmark date for arrival of the swallows  of the 15th of May was only off by a few hours this year.  Saw the first pairs of swallows yesterday in the high winds that were forcing us into a red flag alert as far as starting outside fires.

No signs of nesting yet but two days ago I heard the first Robin fledglings so they have produced the next generation in less than two weeks.

6/2/14  I had seen two of my 24 unit swallow condo being entered and had hopes that they were nesting.  Apparently they were just stealing hay.  At least 50 actives nests are buzzing with activity in the banks but there is no interest in the manufactured nests.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The One that Got Away 5/10/14 #27 - an All White Heifer

This little heifer was a few hours too old to catch.  She should be #39.  Mom is a red pointed #27 heifer.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5/6/14 #5 has all White Bull #38

One of our older more independent large white cows #5, went to the far corner of the alder patch to deliver a large white bull #38.  Probably happened yesterday because if it hadn't been for the brush I would not have caught him.  He bellered and mom got right in my face and stomped and threw dirt around and did everything but run over me.  Good start to a light rainy day.
5/30/15 #5 Died with a breach presentation.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Miss Efficiency delivers hefty heifer #37 5/5/14

#7- my smallest cow delivered a large white heifer (#37) about 3 pm this afternoon.  

Robins arrived yesterday the fourth of May, about 3 days behind schedule.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Evening feed scene

Today I put some three year old bales out away from the manger just to get the cows away from some of the mosquitoes.  I had questioned if they would even eat them and behold they were a big hit.  These were high moisture bales that had been wrapped.  This time last year they were sitting in a low spot under three feet of water.  Talk about high moisture!

#6 adds #36- 5/1/14

#6 (the White cow) had a healthy white heifer (#36) about 3 PM this afternoon right in with the rest of the herd.  Calf was still confused about who mom was.

Long Night for #9- 4/30/14

I knew yesterday that #9 was about to calve.  She had sequestered herself.  Sad scene in the morning was to find a rare set of twins- a white heifer and a red bull - apparently still born.  I have the extension department researching to see if our heavy diet of carrots might not be part of the problem.  Evidently diabetic mothers have large babies because of the extra sugar.  We also are seeing the first calf crop from an imported bull who is also suspect.