Monday, June 8, 2015

Good Taste

Last week we ran out of cull carrots.  So, I bought a 5 pound bag of California carrots to hand out as treats.  I gave the first treat to Bella.  She chewed it a while and then spit it out.  I then threw down another carrot for all comers to fight over.  They sniffed and nuzzled that carrot but it was never eaten.  Amazing for cows that just days before had been used to eating three thousand pounds at a time.  In fact, when it was carrot time they would get pretty vocal with impatience- they loved them.

Friday, June 5, 2015

#10 live birth this year #65 Heifer

I looked for an hour last night and couldn't find #10.  This morning I found out why- she showed up with a large strong heifer.  Was able to run her down after she crashed into a current bush.  She became #66 after a loud bellow and all the cows ran over to defend the noisy endangered newcomer.  All that was left for the camera was their backsides as they ran off.