Monday, January 16, 2017


After a couple years of study I have decided to switch from all cooking oils and margarine and butter to using our own tallow.  On the left is what was skimmed off the crock pot of bones that we cooked down for gravy.  The bottom part has cooled and the top is fresh out of the crock. I am going to document how much we can save from a typical trim box from processing a side of our beef.  I'm convinced at this point that the benefits of using our own tallow outweigh the risks and expense of using even the "healthy" stuff from the stores.  We will keep you posted.


As a result of "processing" a typical 42.5 pound trim box I ended up with 10 pounds of tallow all deposited in paper cupcake holders.  Also got 2 gallons of bone broth that didn't last very long.  That was the most delicious drink once warmed and liquified.  Also got about a gallon of skittles that are in the freezer but which I'm still looking for a use for.  The remainder was bones that became a great source of heat in the fireplace.