Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cinderella #23 delivers #56 on 4/29/15

Cinderella dropped a nice large red heifer #56 on 4/29/15.  She had cleaned her up and was being a good mother.  Cinderella is a Dexter cross.

We have two names nominated for this gal- Alice, and Daisy.

Grand daughter Remedy went with Alice.

#15 Delivers #55 heifer on 4/29/15

First time mom #15 delivers small black heifer #55 on 4/29/15.

Unusual in that I called the cows for carrots and I kept hearing bellering only to find that #15 had just dropped her calf and she wanted to run to get carrots but didn't want to leave her calf- to her credit.  Instead she exercised her first amendment rights to free speech.

#20 Liberty Delivers Stillborn

4/27/15 Liberty #20 delivers large white bull that never moved.  Mom got up, walked away and never came back.

#7 Cow has Heifer #54 on 4/27/15

My little 900 lb cow #7 delivered a large strong red heifer #54 on 4/27/15.

#6 has Heifer #53 on 4/26/15

Mom #6 has white heifer #53 on 4/26/15

#22 has a Heifer #52 on 4/25/15

Heifer #22 delivers small black heifer #52 on 4/25/15.

4/21/15 #16 had #51- a Girl

#16 had a little black heifer #51 on 4/21/15

Friday, April 10, 2015

Ade Delivers first calf of 2015

Family milk cow Ade delivered a bull on 5/9/15. He was named Edward #48.

Edward was joined by Emiline who was born the same day at the Havemiester Dairy #49.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Prep- 2015- Bull Selection

Have decided to breed this year with two rookies- both last year's calves.  Will probably split the herd and give the heifers to the smaller white guy- 47.

#42 is a cross from Ade the milk cow.  We are hoping we will get smaller calves and easier calving than we had last year.