Sunday, May 26, 2013

Forty Five Red Tipped Heifer Delivers Black Tipped Bull 5/26/13

45- the white heifer with red points that I have been watching for days finally delivered in an isolated swale 5/26/13.  They were both skittish so I'm guessing the little white guy with black points is a bull.  He's just learning to walk and his first wobbly run went right over the top of a stump!  Hard to believe that just last Sunday we had six inches of new snow.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Number 9 has Black Girl 5/12/13

Big number 9 cow had a good sized black heifer on 5/12/13.  I found them away from everyone else and had finally found the calf and checked its gender when it jumped up at a dead run and was even scared of mom.  Eventually she caught up with the calf and they worked things out.

The robins and the swallows all arrived in the same couple of days around the 11th.  Late this year for the robins and earlier than last year for the swallows.   The robin songs and the swallow skeeter eatin are all appreciated.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#12 Has Girl-5/7/13

#12 Older cow had a girl that was still dripping wet on 5/7/13.  She is white with black points and favored with a lot better weather than the rest have had.

So far eight heifers and three bulls.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

#5 Delivers - Black Bull

#5 had a little black boy on May 5, 13.

Friday, May 3, 2013

New Herd Bull comes out of Quarantine

Meet our new bull.  Number is 43X.  Needs a name.  The federal vet inspected him and let us take him out of quarantine.  He is with the rest of the boys until July when his new career starts in Alaska.

Tierra #2 Alpha has white heifer 5/3/18

Tierra #2 went off to the snow banks to have her calf- a large white heifer with black points and a black crown.  She had picked her spot yesterday but was interrupted with the carrot delivery and came up to eat.  She is being a good mother and tucked the calf on a small spot of bare ground but it is cold with freezing rain.

Priscilla has White Heifer 4/29/13

Priscilla delivered a dainty long legged (very wild) white heifer with red points.  Rose Marie was born with her tail bent up behind her back.  It has returned to normal but when she lifts her tail it still goes completely over her back!

White Heifer- black points has black heifer- 4/28/13

This white cow had a black heifer on April 28.  At least three of the cows have lost their numbers in less than three weeks.

#34 Has White Heifer 4/27/13

#34 had a white heifer with black points on April 27.

#42 Has Black Bull 4/26/13

#42 has black Bull on 4/26/13.  All seems to be well.

#8 Has Heifer 4/25/13

#8 had white heifer with black points on the 25th of April.  Good calm mother.

#48 Dead with Calf

While I was in Canada #48 died trying to have her first calf.  Calf was far enough out to have easily been pulled but no one was there.  Hopefully this ends the troubles this year!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sad Discovery

After the snow melted in the corral this unfortunate little bull showed up.  I figure he was born the same night as the first calf when it was below zero and in 20 inches of new snow.  No idea who the mother was.

Canada Trip- April 2013

Dennis Bieber and I went out to get our new bull in Three Hills, Alberta Canada.  Left on the 24th, spent a couple of days at the Prairie Bible College graduation and returned in 48 hours on the evening of the 29th.  Lots of snow and ice.  Had to weld the stock trailer a couple of times. Otherwise uneventful.
Menu was drive or sleep.  Sleeping  accommodations was a coffin I was putting together from left over wood from the barn.

Farmers in Alberta were complaining that spring was about 2 weeks late.  Still snow drifts on the fields.