Saturday, April 18, 2009

Koyuk Kindergarten Comments

Dear Tenriph, Angela, Kylie, Eugenia, Benjamin, Clorissa, Megan, 

Thank you so much for your interest in  our farm.  I was interested in hearing what you like.  I like bread too and also milk.  You can keep your bugs and spiders!  

Kylie either wrote two letters or there are two Kylie girls.

We have cows mostly.  The mama cows are very big with babies right now and in about a month you will be able to see them on this blog.  Our cows are white and black.  We only have one horse.  She belongs to my niece.  I have a cat that only has three legs because she got into a coyote trap.  She is a very happy cat but I am her only friend.

My nephew has pigs.  Usually they are born outside in the spring but in January one mommy pig had her babies in the house!

My nephew and his family also have turkeys and huge Pyrenees dogs.  They guard the other animals.

We don't have deer in this part of Alaska but we have lots of moose.  In just the last month we have had two moose die on the farm because they were tired of the long cold winter.

Thanks for writing me.  You can see your letters by pasting the following link into the address bar and going there with your browser: 

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