Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Elusive Birth

The second oldest daughter of Chloe had her calf (a bull with black on the inner ears) off in the far corner sometime early Sunday morning.  I had followed her Saturday afternoon and knew she was in that birth walk mode.  By Sunday afternoon she was up with the rest of the cows eating hay and I found the calf under a birch tree where he was born.  Didn't bother him lest he run off and complicate things for mom.  Yesterday, Monday, they were back together but she is still keeping him away from the other cows.  She did a pretty good job of keeping him away from me.  I went around the pasture three times before finding them huddled down beside the extreme east fence.  This cow lost her first calf last year and we never saw it so I'm keeping a close eye this year.

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