Saturday, May 16, 2015

About Gravel

One would think that in a valley where the Matanuska Glacier once moved that the gravel would  show random deposits of debris.  If you enlarge this photo you will see clear signs of stratification indicating water deposit.

Not a hundred feet away near the edge of the Matanuska River cliff you see what looks to a farmer like glacially pushed and deposited gravel- the exception rather than the rule in cuts around here.

Near Wasilla on a nearly 100 foot cut on a hill that you would think was a moraine you find clearly, undisturbed stratification.  The owner, Darrel Greenstreet,  told me that on top of that was 18 feet of hardpan which was gravel that had conglomerated.

These are like pages out of a history book waiting for words.  Any geologists around?

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