Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Business End of Beef Cows

The cows are finishing the end of this year's cull carrots.  Ten of these dames left for Delta today- #6, #8, #33, #25, #15, #18, #10, #7, #4, #16.

The 10 bred cows weighed 13,700 pounds.  The 20 yearlings weighed 13,400 pounds.

This begins the process of a conversion that will convert the home place from a cow calf operation to a feeder operation.  The ten cows were replaced with 20 yearlings that will be ready for the table this fall after a summer on open pasture.  In fact, after a couple of days they will all be kicked out of the feedlot to the open fields that are still covered with snow.  Those fields don't attract the cows much when they are covered with snow but we will be feeding remotely until the grass shows up.  That gets them out of the dirty winter lot where the new calves can have a clean start.

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