Friday, June 24, 2016

Breeding Duty 2016

Starting July 4 the genetics for next year's calves will be deposited by these two bulls.  #47 will lead.  His dam was from this herd and went to John Hett who bred her with a gentle giant that finished out over 2000 pounds.

After 30 days the cleanup breeding will belong to Hercules #291.  His dam is another of our cows that transferred to Aaron Seeger who manages the herd in Delta.  Hercules's dam was artificially inseminated from semen collected from the late registered Glenfiddich Pericles # 21137 from the Blegen Galloway herd in Canada. Pericles was a champion at beef exhibitions in Canada and the US.   His mature weight was 2566 pounds. Hercules is really developing well and is not yet a year old.  He will be the lead bull next year.

I go into some of this detail so you know that a lot of intentionality goes into managing a quality beef herd and producing dependable, good natured breed stock that is still good eating.

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