Thursday, December 14, 2017

Beef Byproducts

In an effort to extract the maximum value from our cattle we are doing things like rendering the fat to produce tallow.  We sell tallow raw in reclaimed ice cream buckets.  I have come to exclusively use tallow for cooking in my kitchen.  We sell gallon buckets for $20.  For our personal use we put the tallow in cup cake holders for use on the stovetop for greasing the skillet.

We also produce a pemmican which is a high energy food that the native americans used for trail food.  It has a lot of tallow in it with dehydrated, lean meat.  That goes for $10 a pound.  Just so you know I came by the pemmican honestly I am including a photo of my great grandmother Rosetta who I am told is a plains Indian.  She's the lady on the right.

We also have dehydrated meat- my favorite snack food right now.  That is $15 a pound- mostly because it takes so long to dehydrate and also because the weight drops by over 50% after drying.  It is so dry that it doesn't need refrigeration.  I have been snacking out of a ziplock bag that has been sitting in the room for a couple of weeks.

We also produce a lunch meat out of our tongues which I like in sandwiches.  It is similar to spam and has some mild spices but no preservatives so should be refrigerated.  It is $10 a pound.

All of our sausages are mixed and smoked and prepared by Linden Meats.  We have a good supply of summer sausage which I like to use for Christmas presents.  It has the usual spices but no MSG, cures or preservatives.  It is $10 a pound.

Someday I hope to be able to sell the tanned hides also.  So far all we can do is salt them down and preserve them.  They are free if anyone wants to tan them themselves!

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  1. Great Post!!!!! I'm interested in a hide if you know anyone who wants to tan one. They can contact me through my blog. If I still lived in the Valley I'd be very interested to try your lunch meat and sausage!