Friday, May 6, 2016

#36 Delivers #73- 5/5/16

#36- one of our red tipped heifers delivered a red tipped calf- #73.  She showed up at the feeder and then went off and hid.  When I found them the calf jumped up and outran its mother.  This will be one that got away.  If it is a boy I will name him Moses.  Like the Jewish women that the Egyptian midwives reported were "lively" so that they delivered before they could get to the scene and catch the babies.  That will be the reputation of #36.  I will reserve the tag and put it in next time the herd goes through the squeeze chute.  Will have to determine gender the hard way- by long distance observation.

5/7/16 determined he is a boy- Moses he will be!

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