Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tierra #2 Delivers her 12th Calf

Yesterday morning (5/10/16) Tierra #2 was missing so I knew she must be hiding her calf.  Spent most of the morning covering the expanded pasture twice when I found her up on a bench in an alder patch overlooking the river licking off a new born pitch black heifer that was instantly tagged with #74.  This is the first of the dozen that Tierra has delivered that was black.  Strange when the bull was white.  Black is a common Galloway color but I've been told white is dominant when there is a choice.  All proof that recessive genes do exist.  The heifer took its first steps and Tierra continued to clean her up.  She is an exceptional mother.

 I would need to check but I don't believe she has ever had a bull so she has a lot of relatives in the herd that 14 years ago was only 6.

Saw the first swallows of the season.

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